Small group exercices

Our personal trainers guide small groups of between 6 and 12 people.

Thanks to the small number of participants, they share similar objectives, enabling them to adopt a much more focused corrective approach. A more economical and social alternative to individual training.

  • Cardio boxing: a mix of basic boxing and fitness techniques
  • Booty camp: circuit training focusing on leg and gluteal muscles
  • Cross-training: training derived from gymnastics, weightlifting and interval training
  • Jump rope: cardiovascular workout based on the use of jumping rope
  • Pilates: in-depth toning and strengthening of the body
  • Circuit training: a combination of cardio and power training exercises
  • SkillBike: a new approach to cycling
  • SkillRun: a combination of running and weight training
  • Stretching: a series of gentle movements and stretches